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6th December 2018 No Comments

Dandenong Journal: Builder rides to the rescue

Builder rides to the rescue By Cam Lucadou-Wells (6th December 2018) Adrian Savio, front, with riders Joe Gubatanga, John Inguanti, Kim Nguyen, John Beech, Robert Jamieson and Ryan Koroknai at the Parkfield Reserve track. 188542_01 Picture: CAM LUCADOU-WELLS A Dandenong builder has emerged as the first major sponsor of a revived cycling club at Maurice […]

27th November 2018 No Comments

Kim Nguyen & Craig Eastwood talk to Tom Elliot on 3AW

Kim Nguyen from Save Noble Park Velodrome and Craig Eastwood from Cycling Victoria talk to 3AW Drive with Tom Elliott about City of Greater Dandenong meeting (26 November 2018) impacting the future of Maurice Kirby Velodrome, including discussion of today’s rescission motion. Extract from City of Greater Dandenong Agenda for 26 November 2018: 2.5.5 Draft […]

20th November 2018 No Comments

Saving the Maurice Kirby Velodrome

From Luke Mascioli: In 2002, the Noble Park Velodrome was renamed in honour of Maurice Kirby for his contribution to cycling in Australia. The Velodrome was home to the Noble Park Dandenong Cycling Club as well as the Pedals Club which at its height, had over 50,000 members Australia wide. In this video, Maurice Kirby’s […]