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Recommencing NPDCC social rides postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak

Update (Friday 26th June 2020): Due to the constantly changing situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, NPDCC has made the decision to cancel this weekend’s planned ride on Sunday the 28th of June 2020 and suspend all future rides until further notice.

At this stage no plans have been made as to when we will recommence our ride calendar, but the Club will continue to monitor the situation and will be ready to ride again once it’s safe to do so.

Please stay safe and please play your part.

Update (Wednesday 24th June 2020): After a lengthy hiatus, NPDCC had earmarked this Sunday the 28th of June 2020 to recommence our social ride calendar.

However due to recent developments in the Covid 19 outbreak this decision is still currently pending and we will make a decision later in the week as to whether or not this will still go ahead on Sunday.

Our local club loop passes through the City of Casey, a current Covid hotspot, which the health authorities have asked people to avoid if possible, so we will likely resume with a Beach Rd ride if the situation allows.

Any riders that attend must register their personal details before riding and the club will ensure that no group of riders larger than 10 will be allowed to ride together. If more riders attend we will stagger the start times of the riding groups.

Thank you for your patience and please stay safe.

Department of Health and Human Services: Getting tested for coronavirus (COVID-19): If you have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) you should get tested. Find out where you can get tested near home.

Minister for Health: State Of Emergency Extended To Keep Slowing The Spread (21 June 2020): The State of Emergency in Victoria will be extended for another four weeks to continue the measures designed to slow the spread of coronavirus and keep Victorians safe. The State of Emergency will be extended until 11.59pm on 19 July 2020, which allows the Victorian Government to continue to enforce physical distancing and isolation requirements, as well as other directions from the Chief Health Officer.

City of Greater Dandenong: Coronavirus Update (COVID-19) Health and Wellbeing (16 June 2020): Providing health and wellbeing information to Greater Dandenong residents is imperative throughout this stressful period.

Hey let’s look back at 2018 with riders who love the Maurice Kirby Velodrome in Noble Park

David Koroknai: state and national champion. Has ridden on the track for as long as he can remember

Adrian Savio: local resident, supporter and first sponsor of the newly reformed Noble Park Dandenong Cycling Club Inc.

Jeff: avid Noble Park cyclist, always looking for a new cycling adventure. Has been to Alice Springs and back

David Padfield: always found churning laps on his way home from his commute from Dandenong

Abbey: local and inspirational little rider that never wants to stop riding. Little sister to Australian track champion Kelland O’Brien

Fangio: when not winning A grade crits at Sandown, this local speedster can be found taking Strava KOMs at the track

Dean: 20 years, 20 laps per day, everyday on the same bike his wife bought him 20 years ago.

Samil: lives down the street to the velodrome and loves to ride out gentle laps whilst chatting about his Azerbaijani heritage

Zoran: another rider seen cutting gentle laps to improve his health and fitness. Blink and you’ll miss him

Kim Nguyen: local activist of the Save Noble Park Velodrome campaign. Here pictured with Olympian, Mick Hollingsworth