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Dandenong Journal: Builder rides to the rescue

Builder rides to the rescue By Cam Lucadou-Wells (6th December 2018)

Adrian Savio, front, with riders Joe Gubatanga, John Inguanti, Kim Nguyen, John Beech, Robert Jamieson and Ryan Koroknai at the Parkfield Reserve track. 188542_01 Picture: CAM LUCADOU-WELLS

A Dandenong builder has emerged as the first major sponsor of a revived cycling club at Maurice Kirby Velodrome.

Adrian Savio, of Savio Projects, has weighed in with cyclists mounting a case for the velodrome’s retention at Parkfield Reserve, Noble Park.

Greater Dandenong councillors are set to decide on 10 December whether the velodrome’s proposed demolition will be delayed until March.

This would give Cycling Victoria and the proposed Noble Park-Dandenong Cycling Club time to prove that cycling at the track was viable.

Mr Savio, a recreational cyclist, has donated $1000 towards the set-up of the club.

It ensures organisers will reach their desired $2000 crowdfunding target.

Help Us Save Noble Park Velodrome From Demolition

The Greater Dandenong area needs a cycling club

We need to restart a cycling club to clearly show that our velodrome is not only used, but is appreciated by residents. Having a cycling club without a velodrome is like a football or cricket club without a home ground.

And not just any cycling club. Our area needs bicycle friendly facilities for children, families and everyone to ride, learn skills and importantly, have fun riding a bike!

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But there’s a problem

Currently the existing Maurice Kirby Velodrome (MKV) at Dunblane Road, Noble Park is under threat from immediate demolition by Greater Dandenong Council(GDC). GDC have stated in their Parkfield Reserve masterplan that they believe there is no demonstrated need for the velodrome, as they also think there’s no cycling organisations in the area.

Despite being badly maintained, MKV is required more than ever by the Greater Dandenong community. MKV is almost perfectly round, has no straights, has a gentle gradient and was designed and constructed for children in mind by the community and Noble Park Cycling Club in the early 1960s.

Here’s what we’re going to do

We need to reform the Noble Park Dandenong Cycling Club so we can work together to improve and expand cycling facilities in our area. We need to protect the Maurice Kirby Velodrome, ensure it’s resurfaced, DDA compliant, pavilions upgraded and all groups utilising Parkfield Reserve work together for everyones benefit.

You can join us

To restart a club requires a bit of cash, from getting a website, getting the website hosted, incorporation fees and necessary administration obligations. And we will inform you 100% on what the $2000 fundraising goal is used for.

Here’s why you should support us

You’ll be helping restart a historical cycling club with a huge history stretching back 100 years. You’ll be helping people who feel too intimidated by local roads around South Eastern Melbourne to share the simple joy of riding a bike. You’ll be helping to build a cycling community in Greater Dandenong, including if they ride for fun, transport, sport or training in another sport. You’ll also be helping to sustain the legacy of Maurice Kirby who created the Pedals Club of Victoria, which provided so much fun and enjoyment to children in the 1950s and 1960s.

Thank you,

Kim Nguyen, Greater Dandenong Cycling Initiative
Marcel Lema, Beach Road Cyclist
Chris Star, Yarra Bicycle Users Group

PS: Please create a individual fundraiser page BEFORE making a donation if you want your contribution to be displayed