Want to join Noble Park Dandenong Cycling Club Inc? (NPDCC)

We are a friendly inclusive club for all types of riders for the Greater Dandenong area with a long and proud history in Noble Park. We are affiliated with Cycling Victoria and Cycling Australia.

Please read the following membership options:

1. If you are starting out and also commute, we recommend: Ride Basic

2. If you are a experienced rider, want more cover and want to race or ride, we recommend: Ride Plus

3. If you are experienced at racing, we recommend: Race

4. If you want to support NPDCC but don’t ride, we recommend: Non-Riding

You can also use Cycling Australia’s Membership Wizard to fine tune your membership options

All these Cycling Australia memberships have age options and you can purchase monthly or annual memberships.

How to join

  • Click on the Cycling Australia membership option you want, then select Register,
  • You’ll be asked for a contact email, after entering that, type your first and last name, then select the box to agree with CA Terms and Conditions,
  • Next page you should see is Member Selection, check your name and membership option is correct, then click Next, Membership Information,
  • Next page, you will see State, please select Cycling Victoria from the drop down menu,
  • On the same page you will see Club, please select Noble Park Dandenong Cycling Club from the drop down menu,
  • After completing that page you will see Member Information. Fill in these details which include your address, date of birth, emergency contact, medical conditions and any additional information,
  • When completing Member Information you will see Next, Waiver, click  to continue,
  • Read Terms and Conditions, then click I have read and agreed to the CA Terms and Conditions of Membership,
  • Click Next, Payment. You will see Payment options. Fill in the details, if you are ok with details and payment total, click Pay $**.**AUD to continue,
  • Next page is Registration is complete. Message should include Your payment has been received, you’ll receive an email confirmation shortly.

Should you have any questions about Cycling Australia or your membership, feel free to call (03) 9998 6810 or